AirTran Credit Card

If you happen to be looking for the place to apply for the AirTran Credit Card or to be able to login for access into your AirTran Credit Card account, you have come to the right page. Things have really changed with the way the AirTran Credit Card processes are taken care of now. AirTran and Southwest are finally merged together now. If you have been to the AirTran website lately, you will have likely already figured out that there are no ways to actually apply for the AirTran Credit Card as the process was before. Now, you will be directed to the Chase Bank site where you will be able to apply for the Southwest Airlines version. The Southwest card is what will be used now when you need to make some purchases with your AirTran Credit Card. Since they have been combined, this means that the AirTran Credit Card and the Southwest card are both the same thing essentially.

For every dollar that you have spent with your AirTran Credit Card you will be earning 1.5 miles. This process might take you a while to gain a lot of points unless you are going to make sure to use your AirTran Credit Card as often as possible. When it comes to hotel, resort, and rental car deals, you will notice that you have a lot of things that are available to you that will be of great benefit to you in your travels. Your travel plans will definitely benefit greatly from making sure to use your AirTran Credit Card as often as possible and having many miles and points that you can redeem for discounts on things during your trips.


The first three months of your AirTran Credit Card account can prove to be the most beneficial of all of them. This is because in the first three months you can earn 25,000 points just for using your AirTran Credit Card for at least $1,000 in purchases. There are actually some benefits with your AirTran Credit Card under Southwest that will allow for some really special moments with music artists and celebrity meet and greets as well when you are able to have discounted VIP tickets to different events due to your points and/or miles accumulated. You will also get an extra 6,000 points just for being a loyal customer for a year with your AirTran Credit Card.

As we made mention of earlier, the people who travel the most are the ones who will notice the most benefits with this particular card. Even if you like to just wait and plan your trips you can still see benefits as long as you are constantly using your AirTran Credit Card for your everyday purchases. The newer alternative of the Southwest card that replaces the AirTran Credit Card is definitely a step in the right direction to say the least. In order to find out whether this card is the right addition to your wallet or not, just check out the terms for more information after you click the apply button above.